Trashi Yangtse

Chorten Kora

The famous temples/chorten is located near the Tashiyangtse town. The large white stupa was built in 1740 by Lama NgawangLoday, the nephew of Zhabdrung in order to subdue a harmful demon in the village. It is believed that the main relics in the stupa were the prince from Arunachal Pradesh who could tame the evil spirits forever and the Chorten is famously known among the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Om-Ba Ney

It’s a Tiger Nest of east Bhutan built on a cliff the name came from the letter OM which can be seen on the rock face. It is one of the three unique holy places linked with Guru Rinpoche where holy places Aja (AH) and Hungrel (HUNG) can be seen in different places. One will take approximately 3 hours hike from the nearby farm road.

Rigsum Gonpa

It was first bilt by Lama TsheringGyamtsho, a disciple of 9th Je KhenpoShachaRinchen in (1744-1755) and later it was renovated by Lama YoentenThaye, the 13threligious abbot of Bhutan building temples for Jowo stupa (Future Buddha) brought from the PunakhaDzong. It is believed that the Jowo statue is self-speaking statue. It was renovated and restored in 2004 and located 4 hours hike from nearby farm road (Bumdeling).

Trashiyangtse Valley

Tashiyangtse valley is not only famous for pilgrimage site for all the pilgrims but is also a winter place for Black Necked Cranes.

Gomphu Kora Temple

The place was blessed by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century and is located on the way to Tashiyangtse from Tashigang. Guru Rinpoche meditated and left the body imprint on the cave of a huge rock just beside the temple and subdued all the evil spirits.

Gong-Za Ney

The pilgrimage site is located 2 hours hike downhill from the nearby farm road and is a place where Guru Rinpoche was offered a tea while subduing demons and evil spirits in that area. The temple holds a petrified treasure chest, shoe of Guru Rinpoche, devils egg and many other relics.